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Dreams come true Dream out


Good morning friends

It's another bright day, the sun is set already

Oh! What a wonderful day it will be..

Kneeling down to pray, I quickly mumbled something, standing up running to the children room wake up wake up, you'll be late for the competition. 

See it's past 9 already

Oya run to the Palour for prayers. 

After much time

Run run go and bath

It's time for breakfast, Seeing my beautiful shalom and Sharon dressed in their pinafore I was amazed.


Out of fear they said

 "Mum we want to be the best today" 

I gave them that smile I always have when I feel uneasy, and I held their hands saying, trust God you'll smile more than I've done

 *Shalom* carry *Shekinna* while *Sharon* carry *Shamma*

 Take the key and open the car am coming with other things..


Coming back home with songs of Joy full.

Oh! My little daughters made me proud today,

they won the medal in 

the spelling bee competition.

Your brothers are crying, go remove your clothes come down stairs, and play with them, while I prepare dinner.. 

We'll gonna have Chicken sauce and white rice.

Yummy and we'll gonna watch a lot of movies to night.

 Go on the TV is all yours tonight, You made mummy proud


Wake wake up 

Ada it's almost Bible study time

Oh! Which kind problem is this now,


Why did you wake me up can't you see I was dreaming?

PART 2..

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