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Merlin Fans Refuse To Agree That Legend Of The Seeker Is More Interesting Than Merlin

Legend of the Seeker is a film filled with magic, fantasies and a lot of action. The storyline is based on the young man whose name is Richard Cypher coupled with his friends mother-confessor Cara and Zed. Their mission was to find the Stone of tears and use it in closing the Rift opened by the underground Lord and danken rahl. This TV series premiered from 2008 till 2010 when it was cancelled.

MERLIN on the other hand is also a fantasy movie filled with Adventures and magic it talks about a young warlock who came to visit his uncle 'gaius' in carmelot and in the process he discovered his destiny, which was to save Camelot from the hands of Morgana Pendragon and also to help Authur fight in order to bring balance between the Old and new religion and also to bring magic back to Camelot which was banned by the King Uther Pendragon. The movie was broadcast in September 20, 2008 to December 24, 2012.

This two movies have caused a tough dilemma between fans and viewers of both movies on which of the two is more interesting.

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