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Where is Gulder Ultimate search? Why BB Naija?

It was series of fun, intrigue, suspense, puzzles and brain tussles with Gulder Ultimate search. Everyone of any age watch, follow up and youths rush to participate with millions of applications all over the country for the jungle game which always ended with a price attached to the winner.

But with the introduction of Big Brother Nigeria, everything about the Gulder Ultimate search was silenced. Why?

Can you tell why the educative, very interesting and developing Gulder Ultimate Search TV program and game was completely silenced?

The prize attached to the winners of BBnaija is nowhere to be compared to that which was attached to the Gulder Ultimate search. This is a misplacement of priority in the highest of orders if you ask me.

If I may ask, what do we gain watching BBnaija? Matured youths, male and female stay in an enclosed apartment, showing nude and exhibiting all illicit acts of romance and intimacy. Why do Nigerian's so not see anything wrong with this??

Why have we abandoned our precious Gulder Ultimate search and wholly embraced the BBnaija, exposing our children and minors to illicit and illegal intimacy played on our tv screens.

I think we need to check this again. It is going out of control...

Please, I'll need comments about this. Let's see your view.

Content created and supplied by: sydneyozs (via Opera News )

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