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10 Superheroes That Tragically Died in Movies in 2019. Whose Death Hurt You the Most?

Back then in the year 2018, the superhero body count was quite impressive, but after the the epic kill counts of Avengers: Infinity War and also the Deadpool 2 movie.

But one is questions we the fans then to ask is Why the increase in number of deaths ? Well maybe it has something to do with the devastating Infinity War and every movie maker and comic creators is trying to copy its success, Or maybe it's just that the different filmmakers and comic creators know they really don't have to keep any of them dead for good anyway. Or maybe there is no mystery after all, so I wonder why they now seem to capitalize on the drama and shock ?

Now with these endless questions, in the list below I'll be showing you some of the superheros we unfortunately lost back in 2019;

1. Raven / Mystique in the movie Dark Phoenix

In the movie when Raven tries to talk Jean down, because we all know Jean is not fully in control of her upcoming power, unfortunately flings Raven back through the air. Raven is impaled on a piece of wreckage and she died gasping.

2. Doctor Manhattan in the series HBO's Watchmen

Trieu killed Manhattan While trying to steal his powers for herself

3. Red Daughter in the series Supergirl

She died trying to save supergirl from Lex Lurtor

4. XS / Nora West-Allen in the series The Flash

She died suffering the effects of the timeline change

5. Green Arrow in Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1

He died by sacrificing himself in "Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part I" so as to save the population

6. David Dunn / The Overseer in the movie Glass

In the final scence of the movie the policeman pushing Dunn's face into the water, eventually drowning him.

7. Black Widow in the movie Avengers: Endgame

She sacrificed her self to get the soul stone

8. Iron Man in the movie Avengers: Endgame

The death of iron man was one of the most painful of all through out the entire year of 2019, just because he doesn't have the strength to survive using the stones.

9. Aqualad in the Series Titans

He was killed by Deathstroke

10. Donna Troy (Titans)

She died trying to save Dove and the endangered civilians

Now you do remember, now do tell me which among these death was so painful to you? And Don't also forget to like share and follow my page for more.

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