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Remember ‘Ishaan’ in the emotional Indian film, Like Stars on Earth? 13 years after, see how he is

2007 Indian film Taare Zameen Par ‘Like Stars on Earth’ tells the story of 8-year-old Ishaan Awasthi who had difficulty in comprehending academic materials, though he was good in arts. This inability caused heavy distress in his parents, so much so that Ishaan was sent to a boarding school with the hope that he'd improve academic-wise. This was not to be as Ishaan rather became lonely being away from his parents and older brother. His mental health deteriorated to constant anxiety and a state of depression, to a point where he became suicidal. 

Ishaan's fortunes would change after the arrival of an unconventional art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh(played by Aamir Khan), who discovered that Ishaan had a reading problem called dyslexia. Teacher Ram, being an instructor of special kids with developmental disabilities, implored a series of learning methods in helping Ishaan overcome the difficulty and as well honing his artistic skills. 

The plot of the film was particularly emotional and viewers, over the years, have come out to say that they cried in one part or another while watching. It has also become a trademark for teachers and parents who are now keen in monitoring their students/kids to know if they have similar difficulties so they could help them through it. 

The movie won the player of Ishaan, Darsheel Safary, a Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor

Darsheel Safary was born on March 9, 1997 in Mumbai. This means that the actor was 10 years old when Taare Zameen Par was released in December 2007. His role as Ishaan Awasthi in the Indian blockbuster earned him 5 different prestigious awards spreading across different nominations. 

The film was Darsheel's first feature film appearance and also his maiden main role on television. Out of a number of boys, Darsheel was picked for the Ishaan role after they were given a scenarios to describe how they would bunk a school. After watching the boys, script writer and creative director, Amol Gupte picked Safary. In his words, “He had the mischief in his eyes to be Ishaan”. 

After the 2007 film, Darsheel has starred in a number of ther films, including superhero film Zokkomon(2011) and Midnight's Children(2012).

13 years later, this is what Ishaan looks like:

Indeed, Darsheel Safary made this movie a memorable one. 

Did you also love this film just as much as I did? 

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