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Meet The Only Woman In The World That Cannot Be Arrested Or Sued And The Reason Why (Photos).

We have several prominent people in the World who have the privilege to do things that others cannot do. Most of these people are highly respected in different places in the World because they don't use their power to oppress people. One of the prominent people who has shown us the true meaning of humility is the great Queen of England named Queen Elizabeth. This lady who is among the respectable women in the World has the privilege to do things that most people are not allowed to do.

One of the Privileges that this great Queen enjoys is that she can never be sued or arrested. According to reliable source, the Queen can never be sued or arrested by anyone and that is because she is covered by sovereign immunity which means that she can't be prosecuted under a civil or criminal investigation.

Although the Queen cannot be sued or arrested, other members of the Royal Family can be arrested except they are with the Queen. It was also reported that an arrest can't be made in the presence of the Queen or in the Palace.

Although the Queen enjoys several privileges, she is very humble and she always obey the Laws of her Country. Queen Elizabeth is a Role Model to several people around the World because despite her wealth and power, she is still very humble.

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