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UPDATE:What happened to the Men who were forced to Eat the Sacrifice they were caught with? (Photos)

In most Rurual and cultural Societies, it is believed that sacrifices are meant for some Invisible being, this sacrifices made for them Could be in any form, some could be eggs, Fanta Drink,Biscuit etc. Since this sacrifices are meant for this invisible being, what now happens when it is eaten by a human Being?

If you recall Some men where Caught with Sacrifice in Ikorodu Lagos State, now when people saw them, they forced them to eat the Sacrifices, all three of This Men ate the Sacrifices as seen in the Image below.

In most cultures in Nigeria, it is believed by eating that Sacrifice so many Bad things may happen to them, they may experience Severe Calamities that will befall them, which could also incur Death.

But it's been one week already since this happened, creating suspense Everybody is worried to know what happened to this men.

What do you think may have happened to this men after they ate this Sacrifice, are they still doing well? Where are they and what is their Fate after eating the Sacrifice?

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Fanta Drink Ikorodu Lagos State Nigeria Rurual


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