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Do You Remember Pragya In The Movie “Twist Of Fate?” She’s 35 Years Old Today

We all Know her as Pragya but her real name is (Sriti Jha). Sriti Jha rise to fame after being casted in the movie ‘Twist of Fate’. She was one of the major actor in the movie and she really showed up a great talent in her roles in that movie.

After the movie, people across the world usually call her Pragya, which is her role name in the Movie. However, the movie was actually wonderful due to the wonderful acting she displayed.

Today, this our favorite actress is celebrating her birthday, Sriti Jha was born in 26th February 1986. Today marked her 35th birthday on earth. It is such a great day for her today, and we should try and show her some support by wishing her a wonderful happy birthday.

We will also share photos of her mother and her beautiful mansion as well.

This is the lovely pictures of Pragya and her real family, and in the above picture, you can also the picture of Pragyas real mother.

Based on YouTube documentary, Sriti Jha was one of the most paid actress in the movie Twist Of Fate. She even rich before she acting the movie. And above is the picture of her lovely mansion.

Now, if you are a true fan of zee-world and you appreciate Pragya’s action in the movie Twist of Fate, don’t leave this page without wishing her “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

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