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Money is Good, See Throwback Photos Of Ramsey Nouah Before He Became Rich

There is this saying that "money is the root of all evil" yes! But forget that fact, if used wisely your fame will be far more than you ever thought. Money can upgrade a mean man in the society to a big man, money can transform an ughly man into the most handsome man, money can even change an ughly woman to the most beautiful. So forget that disprit saying about money. I will be sharing with you photos of our famous actors and actresses from time to time,and today, we will get to see some of Ramsey Nouah's throwback photos before he became rich.

Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr famously known as Ramsey Nouah is an actor, director and a model. He was born on December 1970, in Lagos State to a Lebanon-Israeli father and a Nigerian mother being Yoruba tribe who hails from Owo in Ondo State, South West, Nigeria. He was raised by his mother in Lagos State.

Nouah is a graduate from the University of Lagos where he obtained a Diploma in Mass Communication. According to him, he ventured into acting because of financial challenges, he was unable to generate some funds for some of his exams, therefore he followed his friends advice and took part in an audition that marked the beginning of his career in the Nollywood industry. He made his major feature film deput in the movie called Silent Night in 1996, but first rose to fame when he got featured in the hit TV show, Fortunes in 1993.

Inspire of the fact that, Ramsey Naouh went into acting because he wanted to make money, however as time went on, he developed the passion for acting. Today his one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. He has featured in many films, some apart from those been mentioned above include, Vuga, Fugitive, Dirty Game, Levi, Merry Men – The Real Yoruba Demons, The Millions etc. Having said these, So let's now look look at some of Ramsey Naouh's photos before he became rich.

Below are his recent photos

As an actor and producer, Ramsey Nouah has won numerous awards and has contributed immensely to the Nollywood movie industry at large. With much efforts, he has made his fame and today, his wealth is still progressing. Obviously we could see how handsome he is or what do you think?


Anyone can can get into business by chance but the door to succeed is in your hands. More efforts are need of you to get into that position you desire. We could see if not for the advice Ramsey Nouah took from his friends, who knows where he could have being by now.

As a business oriented, the current stage at which your business is, is not the end because for sure more progress is coming your way. Never stop seeing the positive in every situation.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you were entertained. Don't you think Ramsey Nouah is still handsome even when he was younger? Drop your opinions below, and don't forget to follow this page for more entertaining contents.

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