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Husband and wife relationship

The stranger was a spiritual being who came to take away your future blessings. Pastor advices.

Every relationship should stand on a common ground. Though it can't be all the time, but for the important ones, there should be a mutual and responsible conclusion towards it.

Femi(Husband) and Feyi(Wife) has been married for 2 years and have always lived happily. Though they don't agree on most things, Femi has learnt to accept things anyway they come and overlook the ones he can't come in common conclusion with his wife.

One day as they were driving home from an outing they had, it started raining heavily that they had to park and wait for the rain to reduce before they continue their journey home. As the rain began to stop, they continued their trip home and as the reached the junction to their home and was about turning, Femi didn't see an old man who was walking slowly right at that junction and as he turned, he mistakenly splashed dirty water on the old man.

The quantity of the water he splashed was much that the old man got drenched. Immediately, Femi stopped the car and got out to apologize to the man and give him some money as compensation. The old man looked so pitiful that Feyi told the husband that they should take him home since they were in their street so that he could change into something better. Femi signaled his wife to allow the man take the money and leave as he didn't feel comfortable for the man to go home with them as he was a complete and total stranger but the wife insisted as she pitied the man who looked so miserable

As they got home, the man was offered another pair of wears to put on and then invited for dinner. After dinner, he relaxed on the couch in the living room and slept off there. Femi and Feyi expected him to leave immediately after dinner but he didn't and they found it awkward to wake him up and send him away like that.

They went to bed and as about exactly 2a.m, a strange noise woke them up. Femi ran out to check what caused the noise and he met a gigantic ape. The ape roared and charged towards him but he ran upstairs to his wife and they made away through the back door. The called their pastor who lived in the same street with them and he came over almost immediately.

He said they couldn't enter the house as it was a spiritual attack and the man had come to take away all their future success and blessings. They all began to pray till around 6 a.m when the spiritual being finally disappeared.

They were so scared after the incident that the couldn't sleep in their home till after a week of purifying the whole house.

Feyi cried and blamed herself for that misfortune and decided that she would always listen to her husband and also be very careful who she renders help to especially strangers and the kind of help she renders.

Things happen every day in all corners of the world that we don't know about. We should be very careful how we accept strangers into our homes and always say a prayer before rendering help to anyone.

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