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The Funniest Comics And Jokes that will Make You Laugh

Hello and welcome to another very exciting and entertaining article.

Here I will be taking you through some very funny comics and jokes.

Now here I have for you, the funniest comics and jokes that will make you laugh:

This man thinks playing games on his phone is the same as playing them in real life.

This is a funny one. This girls father loves money more than his daughter.

This funny coach has told the old man the truth.

He does not want to hurt her with the truth. So he told her a lie.

What do you think? The he do the right thing by poisoning his wife?

The first time I saw this picture I thought she had short hands.

I don't know if he forgot that there is a mirror behind him.

Here is another brethren who didn't know that a mirror can reflect. Now he is exposed.

This is funny how drivers behave.

This is Michael.

This is a funny new brand of phone.

This I very true.

This is funny how earpiece becomes damaged overtime.

I need to run along now.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please do not forget to like, share and comment.

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