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The Journey to Stardom: From Inspector Perry to Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun popularly referred to as Brother Shaggy by His stage name is a Graduate of Creative Arts from University of Lagos (Unilag).

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Many persons do not know how the journey into comedy and stage plays began for Brother Shaggy.

Samuel began performing with a group known as the Thespians Family Theatre (TFT) in 2014, he was a 300 level student of Unilag then studying Creative Arts. He would often juggle between classes in Yaba and rehearsals in Ikeja at the time, and still managed to be punctual more times than some of his colleagues who didn't have two hustles.

According to an Old colleage of Brother Shaggy, Samuel was a total performer! He was theatre himself. He could act, sing, chant, dance, play drums, and anything else that was possible within the troupe. Dude was loved by all because he effortlessly made everyone laugh.

Many as at that admit that time didn't think he would become as popular as he is today.

It wasn't all that easy though. Yes, he was talented, but dude struggled.

After Shaggy left The Thespians Family Theatre, He began a series of comedy skits on Instagram.

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He was playing a caricature policeman who had a knack for causing more trouble than he could handle. The character he portrayed at the time was 'Inspector Perry'. 

Funny as it was, the skits didn't do so well, compared with Crazeclown, Ogbeni Àdán, Wofai, and a host of other comedians at the time. Part of that reason was because his videos were not exactly clean, well edited and having the special effects that others had, yet, he persisted.

After a while, he dropped the 'Inspector Perry' tag and picked up 'Brother Shaggy'. This was where his rise to stardom began. Then one day, I was on IG and the first video on my TL was something from Samuel.

In the video, he was no longer wearing Police Uniform like I used to know. This time, he was a rough shirt and working in a construction site. A fine lady approached him and he asked 'any question of the day?' 

I can't really remember the full details of the video anymore, but it had to do with him having to choose between Tope Alabi and Cardi B.

The video was very hilarious and was actually one of the videos that made him become so popular.

That video and others which he released at that point were faaaaar better than what he had under the 'Inspector Perry' name. He had obviously improved on his editing. And it really paid off.

Visit his page and you'd realize that he has even done much better with his editing than when he first came to our consciousness.

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From my point of view, his catalyst for growth, apart from his obvious talent and consistency, has been his constant devotion to improvement.

And that's what I am trying to bring to your consciousness tonight, especially if you are into any form of online business or craft which would require using visuals to push.

You must keep learning new technology and tricks to wow your audience and give them something new to experience.

Brother Shaggy didn't have it easy from the beginning but he never gave up and today he is doing very well. Whatever you do, never give up.

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