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Check out some popular artists whose names are commonly mispronounced and the corrections

In a bid to create a distinct or unique stage moniker for themselves, the options these artists settled for proved to be a tad bit overachieving as most of their fans can't even properly pronounce their names no matter how famous they got. Checkout some examples below;


The pretty little fears crooner has ranted several times about the misinterpretation and wrong pronunciation of his name. Even some of his ardent fans are unaware that it is pronounced "black" and not "six-lack". You really can't blame us though right?

Yxng Bane

The UK based rapper of Nigerian origins has risen to notable prominence among Nigerian grime fans, unfortunately most folks here don't realize that his name is pronounced "Young Bane". This should come as a relief if you ask me as "Y-X-N-G Bane" is of course a handful to say.

XXX Tentacion

The late American artist's stage name was actually after a Spanish word. It is therefore equally understandable that his fans from a wide range of backgrounds and geographical region might mispronounce his name. It isn't pronounced as "XXX Tentashion" rather it is "XXX Ten-tah-cion". 


Another UK grime artist of Nigerian origin which he never misses a chance to acknowledge and celebrate, most people easily miss that the number three in the my lover crooner's name is actually detonating the alphabet E. Consequently it's not pronounced "Not three s" rather it's actually "notes".

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