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Opinion: Meet The Most Handsome Man In The World[With Over 35 Photos Of Him As A Proof]

It's of no doubt that there are so many handsome boys and men across the globe, but when we want to define handsomeness in term of perfection, some people do stand out indeed. In today's article, I will be sharing out my opinion on who the most handsome man in the world is, I came up with this conclusion after making a deep research about him and I know so many people would argue with me, the debate would be highly welcome because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion since we all view things from a different perspective. So who could the most handsome man in world be? - Calm your nerves, take a sip of coffee and read on because it definitely would be interesting.

As I was browsing through the internet few hours ago, I came across the story of a model who was sent way from Saudi Arabia for committing a ridiculous crime and you all would be thinking why I would tagged a crime to be ridiculous right?. Yes he committed the most ridiculous crime ever, he wasn't expelled for stealing, money laundering or for betraying his own country. To prove that this guy handsomeness knows no bound and is impeccable, he was sent packing from Saudi Arabia because he was a distraction to ladies in Saudi Arabia. How on earth can one man be a distraction to a millions of people? - This is so weird but that's the price one pays for been too handsome. Come to think of it, isn't it amazing and ridiculous that someone was sent away from his country for being too handsome?. It still baffles me that being cute was dubbed as a crime, how on earth did the Saudi Arabia's government broke the news to him about his expulsion? - Could it be that he is making all the girls in the country go insane just as Lee Min Ho is making a lot of Nigerian ladies go insane, or probably some guys over there got jealous that he is a threat to their relationship and reported him to the Saudi Government?.

Few years ago, the internet got flooded with a ridiculous news of a UAE model identified as Omar Borkan Al Gala which got people wondering. He was told to leave the country with immediately just because of his handsomeness.

In an interview, Al Gala said that at the festival, some girls recognized him from some modelling he had done, and they gathered for autographs and photos, after which the crowd around them grew.

However, most people are still debating on what exactly is his crime because saying that he was expelled for being too handsome looks so weird and ridiculous. So I decided to share some of his stunning photos which would be a proof to you how handsome this man is.

Saying that he is good looking is an understatement, he is also a photographer, model, actor and a poet.

The ridiculous story of Omar made so many people dubbed him as a man too good for a nation and this made him famous, that his followers on Facebook increased rapidly. He later got married to the love of his life and perhaps the luckiest woman in the world, Yasmin Oweidah and they both have a son.

Omar was one among the three UAE men who were sent packing from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome men.

According to the story, he was expelled by the Saudi Arabia's government because the believed that his good looks might corrupt impressionable women at the annual Janadriyah Festival. This is just so ridiculous and crazy as well.


Before Omar’s kick started his career as an actor and model in Dubai, he went and studied acting and modeling in Vancouver.

He achieved his fame after being on the news for getting expelled from Saudi Arabia.

This story of a man being sent out of a nation might look strange to you but it's true. There are some truth which are stranger than fiction, and I know you might opine otherwise, the comment section is wide open for you to debate about it and please no use of offensive words because whatever I have written in this article today is based on my own opinion.

What's your take on this?

Do you think otherwise regarding his handsomeness?

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