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Birthday: Tribute to Another Popular General Overseer in Nigeria

Birthday: Tribute to Another Popular General Overseer in Nigeria

Folks join me in celebrating my Father and Mother in the LORD, Dr & Dr[Mrs] D. K. Olukoya; on the occasion of their birthdays.

That they both share the same birthdays is still a mystery albeit of different ages.

My contact with Dr Olukoya dates back to 1999 when I was still a Junior Secondary School student and was invited by my Social Studies teacher to attend a programme then at MFM Ilorin.

I was always a lover of prayer till I joined that service and I was astonished at the kind of prayers that was reeled out for which members' voices reverberated.

Immediately after the service ended, I told myself that this is the place I was meant to be. Since that October 29, 1999 event, I never turned back.

The reason this is so is that I encountered the raw power of God through the life and ministry of Dr Daniel Olukoya. At that time, people like us never knew how he looked but his voice was a terror to the kingdom of darkness.

It was until he visited us at MFM Ilorin in 2002, I understood the kind of grace this man carried. That was the first time of coming into face to face contact with him. These are memories I cannot forget in a hurry.

We never got to see his pictures anywhere before this time but just hearing his voice through tapes and on FM radio, was a joy to behold. 

If I have to write about this man, it should be later in a book but for now, he is one of the Generals I reverence so much.

His kind is rare and you just know that this man is genuinely called of God. I mean how can someone delve into a very delicate area, 'Deliverance Ministry' and still be standing tall.

The world is blessed to have this man whose wife is another rare gem. She is one soloist you always look forward to during our Power Must Change Hands Programme.

They are always in the rare but their Ministries are in the forefront. Many a time you ask people about Dr Olukoya and they say they don't know him.

If you then ask them of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, they echo that they know the Church too well. This is how simple this man is.

Join me in wishing this duo of a couple, a Happy Birthday!

Words fail me to recount how these two have impacted my life. We have to leave this for another day but I am yet to see any who rivals them in our world today.

Need I say more and this is to the Glory of God. We had a serious deliverance case and had prayed all manner of prayers for this boy that the devil wanted to render mad.

He was referred to see Dr Olukoya and without much stress, his parents were told to reconcile as their altercations gave room for the devil in that family.

After this was done, in spilt seconds and with a short prayer, what we battled to handle for months, God used him to bury that arrow instantly.

The lives of Dr Olukoya and wife are truly living proofs that ALL power belongs to God. We truly love you and what you are doing for the Kingdom. Heaven at last is my utmost prayers for you.

Hearty Congratulations my amiable Father and Mother in the LORD!!

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