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Trending: Omotayo of Lagos speaks up for men who are belittled by women on Twitter

Feminism is an age long practice. While it is in a bid to seek for equity between men and women, some women have taken it upon themselves to use it as a means to bash men. Often, whenever an issue on sexual abuse is trending, these group of women would pick on the male gender and attack till they lose every fibre of their being.

However, Omotayo of Lagos, a Twitter user is following the trend of women who feel they deserve more treatment than men. Below are some of her tweets.

So many instances she outlined on how men do things for women and people call it romantic. But when women do it, it is called suffer-head.

Some persons see it as inhuman and a form of domestic violence when men hit women, but if it is a woman that does the hitting, she is free to go Scot free.

Below are the continued screenshots of her tweets. Read on.

What do you all think of her tweets? Share your thoughts.

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