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The real reason subtitled anime is preferred to duplicated anime

This is one popular question received by a lot of anime watchers, I don't know if what I say here will be consensual but it's my reason for real. And hopefully it'll shun those tiraders who criticize it...

Anime is a fun thing to watch if you follow the build up,but it's undeniable why people think it's for children. If you tell any person to go and watch anime right now,obviously they would go for an English duplicate,because it's the normal human reaction to seek the language they understand, they won't have the same spirit as we do. So when they watch the English duplicate, they hear the bad scripting,stuff like Naruto in English dub is egregious, I mean just imagine pain preaching in English, This is why people label it for children, because the poor performance of the English voice thespians prevents them way before enjoying the story. This is the same reason I prefer the subtitled version though lemme correct myself, I previously said bad script! It's rather bad voice acting, if it were originally English and yet same script, it would sound better.

Anyhow, when I watch it,my mind automatically synchronizes,I'm able to follow up the subtitles and anime smoothly. The words begin to play in your head. It becomes like reading a book,the scripting sounds more sensible, though some people say they self-teach Japanese, I can't do that,sure I can't unhear a few words like nani(what) or shikicho(dammit) in Japan but that's just about it.

Another reason I prefer the subtitles, is a diminishing of brain. You see,when you watch the English version, despite how odd it sounds, some people still follow up and over time,they get used to it,hypothetically meaning, their brains gets used to stupidity, because it sounds stupid,and if your brain gets used to stupidity, then it might have lowered your intelligence. This is hypothetical drivel but at least, if it doesn't reduce your brain, it certainly reduces your taste. You might end up liking something like power rangers.

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