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See the man that played the role of Jesus in Passion of Christ

Portraying the role of Jesus Christ in the 2004 movie "Passion of the Christ" in a way that moved hearts and brought tears to people's eyes is an extraordinary talent. Jim Caviezel is an American actor, devout Catholic who played the role of Jesus Christ. He claimed the role made him become an Hollywood outcast because he played the role of Jesus. Jim Caviezel has a rule of not playing love scenes in movies and he is kicks against abortion. He and his wife adopted three children from China, suffering from Cancer.

 Jim Caviezel and his role as Jesus

Although the Hollywood industry is filled with atheist and nonbelievers which weren't opened to the religious movie, some reviewed the movie has discriminating and portraying the Jews in a bad light. This didn't stop the movie from being the highest grossing R-rated film of all times.

 Unusual things happened to the actor, during the filming of the movie, when he was tied up on the cross for hours, to be able to shoot the movie. During one of the days he was on the cross, he was struck by lightning, miraculously he just had a minor injury. 

He broke his arm from carrying the cross which weighed 150 pounds.

He wanted everyone both believers and nonbelievers to get the idea of how Jesus had to pay for our sins.

Not all actor can actually go through with all this, a painful makeup session too.

This is one sacrifice a man made to show the world, some extent of Jesus sufferings and proclaim the gospel, the choice is ours to choose to believe in Christ and also make an effort to preach the gospel or choose to turn a blind eye.

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