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[Throwback Pictures] This Day Children Will Not Understand, Only 80s Legends.

Throwback pictures are pictures that tell memorable situations of the past and create a nostalgic feeling. Arguably most persons believe lifestyles and childhood was more fun then than now, with claims of how technology and post modern trends has upset the balance. However, it is worth noting that virtually almost everyone born in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s will agree that growing up then is way better than now ranging from the family bond, true friendship in hardship and good times, the ever blazing high life and juju music, Educational quality and rapid economy growth. The only thing that seem to have enhance modern childhood memories is the advancement of technology. Still, if you dont recognized any the pictures below, then your childhood is as Boring as  'Is' in the word island.

Before the era of notebooks

Home made sachet water

Transportation system

Hand made wooden toy

Solid sandals made out of tyres.

Hausa sweet

First cabin biscuits.. Most popular demand for occasions.

How memorable and epic the pictures are, drop your comments and thoughts below.

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