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Reactions As Ex-Corper Prefers Receiving 33K NYSC Allowance Than Passing Out (Video And Screenshots)

A lady video, who was youth corps, had gone viral and being shared in different platforms over her outburst and protest of preferring the 33,000 k monthly allowance than being discharged from the youth service corps.

However, she cried profusely immediately after she got hold of her discharged Nysc certificate. Though, her displayed online has attracted many people's reactions, some thought she might be afraid of what to encounter in the future, other thought she was just being stupid and some felt, she was contented with the meager amount being paid.

In fact, the truth should be told. Getting a better paying job out here is cumbersome. Some graduates had worked round the country in the search for a job, but they ended up finding nothing.

Most ended up getting a casual job in which their take home monthly is nothing to write home about. 

So many factors could cause her tears. It's either she has a boyfriend that is experiencing the harsh condition of the country because of no job or family member that would have discouraged her with the word like "there is no job outside after service".

Nothing people don't do these days to seek followers or get recognized, she might also be pulling a stunt for clout chasing because I wonder, who be so contented with just 33,000 knowing that you as a grown child will be responsible to your parents and family members. 

Watch video below;

What is your take on the emotional outbursts of the lady? What must be going on in the girl's mind that would have triggered that tears? Drop your comments in the comment box

Reactions below;

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