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My Mother Threatened To Disown Me If I Become A Rapper Instead Of Becoming A Doctor (FICTION)

I'm Juliana and I'm very talented in rapping.I can rap for straight 2 hours without any stop,I'm a lady and whenever I start to rap in the midst of my friends,they would start to spray me money till they finish their money.

I finished my secondary school two years ago with the money I made from my friends,I move with big girls in school then so they would always pay me a lot of rap non stop for them.Its more interesting because they would be the one bringing the words that I should rap with.Sometimes they would bring a bottle or weird things and ask me to rap on it for hours and I would.

Even my male friends in school then we're jealous of my talent,many people have told me to pursue my dreams but the major problem is my mother.My father was a doctor and surgeon before he died in a plane crash,since then my mother has been obsessed with the idea of her daughter becoming a doctor like her father.

I don't want to become a doctor,infact I don't want to spend 5 years learning something I don't have interest in,I have told my mother countless times that everytime I sing,people spend on me till they don't have any more money to spend.But she refused and Threatened to disown me if I become a rapper instead of becoming a doctor that save lives.

I told her that music saves lives but she won't listen,she is hypertensive and I fear that she might not recover from the shock if I continue with my music career.

I'm confused,Should I dump what I'm perfect in to become a doctor?, I don't want to make mistakes that could cost lives if I become a doctor,what should I do?

I'm waiting for your advise

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