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Memes That Will Make You Laugh

I have come to know that the challenges people bear each single day is completely saddening and demoralizing. That is why I have decided to create a scene of humor with a few memes. But please, tap the follow icon to get more articles from me. Thanks to those wh








8)This happens when I want to explain




12) Do you remember those days when you will be walking and looking at the moon, thinking it's following you? That was when your stupidity started.

13)Read the conversation between I and my father

My father: Between I and your mum, who do you love most?

Me: The both of you.

My father: If I go to U. K. and your mum goes to America, where will you go to?

Me: America

My father: That means you love your mum most.

Me: No. It's because I love America more than U. K.

My father: Okay. What if I go to America and your mum goes to U. K. where will you go to?

Me: U. K.

My father: But you said you don't love her most.

Me: Yes. I'll go to U. K. because I've been to America before.

My father: when have you been to America?

Me: In your previous question.

14) You beg me for hotspot and I on for you. Now you are showing me funny videos on Instagram and you want me to laugh. Are you mad in complexion?

15) "I need to talk to you" is one sentence that can make you remember all the bad things you have done in life.

16) My brother, if NYSC posts you to a volatile state, please reject. Even the Bible says "Fear North"

17) Confusion is when you steal meat from the pot and you forget whether the spoon was on top or inside.

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