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11 Hilarious Jokes And 11 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out This Evening.

11 Hilarious Jokes And 11 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out This Evening.

Joke 1

In this raining season, there is a new virus called "Feelings". I pray you never catch it if you are single.

Joke 2

I was owing Airtel 5k, I broke the Sim and bought another one, after registration I received a message, "you again"?

Joke 3

Life is full of little treasures. For instance, is there a better way to start your day than waking up in a loving embrace of another human being? Unless you’re in prison, of course.



Joke 4

Not All of us wakes up to see "I Love You" messages. Some of us wakes up and see "Battery Full Remove charger".

Joke 5

I fainted 5 times this morning when a lady told me that she is my friend on Xender. In fact, up till now, I'm still fainting.

Joke 6

Behind every successful Man, There's always a Woman patiently waiting for his salary.

Joke 7

Please what's the current price of kidney? I think I am not using the second one.



Joke 8

A man comes home and yells joyfully: "Honey I won the Lotto! Pack your things for a nice big vacation!" - She asks: "Awesome! Should I pack for warm or cold weather?" - Man beams: "I don’t care. Just be on your way already!"

Joke 9

Every girl did this: "Please call him and tell him that I'm crying".

Joke 10

I went to a Yoruba restaurant and ordered for pepper soup. In fact, to cut the story short, now I NEED A NEW TONGUE.

Joke 11

I want a relationship that anybody that is caught cheating will pay the fine of 20k.


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