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HOME ALONE STAR: Remember The Kid That Featured On Home Alone Film? See His Recent Pics

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If you have been a fan of Hollywood movies as early as in the year 2000 till date, then you must have heard of the movie "Home Alone". The movie is filled with comic scenes and funny actions and features Kevin McCallister, a very intelligent, smart and clever baby who was able to innocently survive intruders to his home when he was left alone. The young kid on Home Alone is Macaulay Carson Culkin. He is an American actor who had started his acting career at a very small age.

Macaulay Carson Culkin was born on 26, August 1980 and he is also a musician. He actually became popular due to his role in the movie and its sequel.

Macaulay Culkin is also known for his childhood appearance in the film "My girl".

He has grown into a handsome man and still keeps his comic attitude. He always smiles and gives beautiful facial expressions and body poses when on the red carpet or when attending events. This article did not talk much about his personal life but will give you a glance at his recent looks. Please Follow, like, comment and share.

see his recent photos below;

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