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We Are Poor Because We Always Choose To Entertain Ourselves Instead Of Educate Ourselves- Reno

Nowadays, if you ask a child what his hubby is, it's either he says watching film, playing games or listening to music. Gone are the days when reading was part of children's hobby.

According to Reno Omokri, he said he saw the data of internet downloads in Africa and over 90% of the downloads in Africa are either music, movies and TV shows. We hardly download books. He added that Africa is too invested in entertainment and less so in education and we need to change that.

Mr Omokri further tweeted that on social media, African youths dissect the latest songs, movies, and TV shows but hardly the latest books. Successful billionaires write books, but we prefer downloading the latest songs of thuggish rappers. He added that one of the reasons Africans are poor is because we hardly read.

Apart from gaining knowledge and making one more fluent in a language, reading can also improve your intelligence and your concentration. I believe it's time we stop listening to unecessary and try reading. It may be one of the changes we need in Africa.

Below are the comments Mr Omokri got after he tweeted this.

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