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Pray these prayers if you want great favour and connection (episode 2)

Prayer is a key and not just a key but a master key. You are ought to pray each day inorder to avoid the schemes of the devil.

Every day of your life,you want to achieve great things,make awesome achievement and get to your goals. In doing this,you have to work hard,and put more effort. Nevertheless it is not by power nor by might but by the spirit of the the Lord.

I once shared the story of a woman who prayed this kind of prayers and the result and evidence of the prayer. You can look up to it with this linkThis is what I do every night to have favour and connection.

Also check the first episode of this prayer,it is really awesome,see the linkGain great favour and connection by praying these prayers with scriptures (episode 1).

Prayers of connection and favour(episode 2)

Read psalms 5:12

* Oh God as you declared that you will shield me with your favour,I pray in the name of Jesus that today shall bring forth favourable experience and memories in my life in Jesus name, amen.

Psalms 30:7

* I declare that people will not hide their faces from me today, people of different cannibal shall reward me.

Psalms 41:11

* Oh Lord my father,as David realized your favour in his life because his enemies never triumphed over him. I declare in the name of Jesus that every enemy of my favour and blessings shall be destroyed.

* Any plans of my enemies to limit my success today,I come against it in the name of Jesus (begin to name those places or things you desire favour. If you want great success in your business say it,if you want it in your office say it. Connect your success to the grace of unlimitation - God)

Daniel 1:9

*Daniel found favour with the princes,in the name of Jesus Christ,I connect favourably with prominent men and woman. Let great people delight in me and favour me.

* As Daniel was an element of solution and positive impact which made relevant people to seek him,father in the name of Jesus my business, works, vocation,(name anything you are doing) shall provide solutions that people will seek. People shall seek me to provide solutions to their problems and in turn meet my needs.

Luke 1:30

* I assign angels of goodnews to surround me,an announce your favour in my life. Despite anyone who had dragged my name to the mud by saying negative things about me,the angel of goodnews shall go forth to publicize me even where people wants to stop me.

Acts 2:47

* I Shall not escape the favour of God and the favour of men. I shall connect with great men that matters, people that will positively change my life.

* I remove every veil of hindrance and limitations

* I declare that the right people will come my way today, people that will help change my life and destiny for good.

Pray these prayers effectively and positively. I encourage you to look up to the first links above,so you won't miss some basic prayers which is necessary for your favour and connection.

Take to the comment section below to err your views and opinions. Also like and share to others, brighten their day with a gift of prayers for them to succeed.

Follow for the other episodes, you don't want to miss out. There are still many of such prayers which will be posted regularly. God can do everything, therefore believe Him and he will show you his miraculous signs.

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