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The 7 Movies Chadwick Boseman Acted While He Was Battling With Cancer.

Here Are The 7 Movies Chadwick Boseman Acts While He Wa Battling With Cancer. 

The death of Chadwick Boseman is still strucking us, we are feeling the pains of loosing an icon, a hero, a role model and most especially someone who made African Superhero character alive and wonderful. 

Chadwick Boseman has acted many movies including several we know but we have know idea that he was battling with cancer while filming those movies. 

Below are the list of movies Chadwick Boseman acted while he was battling with cancer. 

1. Black Panther: this is one of the movies that made him so popular and famouse, beside most people that doesn't know his name directly usually referr to him as Black Panther. His role in Black Panther was so iconic and amazing, and also very famous. 

2: The Avengers: Infinity War: Although his role in Avengers Infinity war was not so big, still yet he portrayed the Character of Black Panther which was absolutely great. 

3: Avengers Endgame: the Avengers Endgame is the highest grossing movie in the world currently and Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther portrayed his role very good. 

4: The 2017's Marshal: In this movie h portrayed the character of a real-life figure and delivering a performance as a civil right activist. 

5: 21 Bridges: I personally love this film, this film is a movies based on mystery solving and police works. Chadwick Boseman portrayed the role of a detective whose father was killed in an action, who is also a policeman. He solve the mystery behind police corruption and brought corrupt police men to justice. 

6: Da 5 Bloods: This movies is great, despite Chadwick Boseman being the lead and lent support in the movie he only appear via flashback and hallucinations. 

7: His finally movie was "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", and it will be delayed out of respect for his death. 

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