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VIDEO: The most underrated yet intelligent conversation between a hero and a villain.

Nowadays, the most watched movies are super hero Movies. Marvel is leading the way and DC is gradually coming up. Back then, superhero movies were in high demand because of the action in it and how we loved to dream wide. But now, they are watched most especially because of the intelligence and fun in it. Back then, villains were hated more but now, we understand there motives. In fact, most of their decisions are justifiable. Thanos in Avengers End game, The Joker, Mirror Monarch in the Flash series, and many others.

One thing we need to understand is that we live in an intelligent world. And you need to be up to date to move with it because the world is moving at a very high speed. At least, that is what many movies have shown us. And they have done there part in being up to date.

We all have that part where there is a conversation between the hero and the villain and in most cases now, the heroes lose in these conversations. And that was the case of The Flash in the cartoon, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. The villain is his arch nemesis, the Reverse Flash. Earlier on, the Flash defeats him at the Flash museum but deep down into the movie, Reverse Flash almost kills him if not for the intervention of Batman(now Thomas Wayne).Barry Allen, goes back in time to save his mother and it has cosmic effects all over the world changing everything. And the Reverse Flash taunts him on that. Watch the video down below.

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