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Divorce Affair

Celebrity who divorced husband after 3 months of marriage reveals plan for new relationships.

It is no longer news that Gambian actress, princess shyngle finally walked out of her 3 month old marriage because she accused the man of abuse. She came on social media to say that the marriage to her best friend had been a mistake.

Since then, the divorce process is ongoing. She has done many other things sine the announcement. She deleted most of her previous Instagram posts and set her account to private.

In a session on her story, a fan advised her to keep her relationships private. She took the advice saying that nobody can destroy what they do not know about.

This scenario reminds me of when girlfriends ask boyfriends not to post them on social media till they are sure of the whole thing. I don't know why people prefer to hide relationships. Don't you trust your partner?

Anyways, the curvy actress has learnt her lesson and is taking steps to heal from everything that has happened. Her method may be weird but at least, she's doing something.

We can only wish her the best of luck.

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