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After 4 Years Of Tribulations From My Mother Inlaw, See What I Found In Her Bathroom. (Fiction)

 My name is Mrs. Chioma Oramalu, I got married to my husband Mr. Gabriel Oramalu about 6 years ago.

The first year of my marriage was amazing, my husband always surprised me with different gift on different occasions. My mother Inlaw was so lovely, she treats me like her own daughter.

After about a year and two months of my marriage the story changed, my mother Inlaw started treating me bad. She said until i give her a grand child I will not know peace unless I will leave the marriage.

Initially, my husband will always say to her mama please leave my wife for me she will conceived at God own time. It's happen like that for straight two years, thereafter my husband attitude changed towards me and he joined her mum in maltreating me. 

One faithful day, my husband and I decided to pay my mother inlaw a visit, she was not expecting us for we didn't info her. When she saw us she was surprised and furious the extent that my husband have to ask her if she is ok, yes she said angrily. 

We were all in the living room when she want to her room without saying a word, we waited for long she was not coming and we were about to leave, my husband told me to go and inform her that we are leaving certainly I was not happy for him to send me. 

When I got to her room she was not there but I was hearing little sound from her bathroom, I call mama, mama can you hear me? No response. I decided to go in behold this is what I saw and she were no where to be found. 

Remember it's fiction not a life story. If you enjoy it please like and share.

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