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See Photos of the Woman who breastfed her 4 & 7 years old daughters

A woman named Sophie Mei Lan who is 32 years of age has stormed the internet by revealing she was branded as a child abuser when she breastfed her two daughters who were 4 and 7 years old altogether.

Sophie who is from West Yorkshire, revealed that she breastfed her daughters, Arianna and Jasmine in public despite being told not to do so by others because they felt it was 'child abuse.'

She also said she aimed to normalise breastfeeding so she would do it in public regardless of the looks she would get from others. She also stated that she did not feel embarrassed as the girls got older but the problem was that people have decided to sexualize it in a way that makes it seem abnormal as it is completely natural to breastfeed.

The single mum decided to stop last year after a difficult break up with her husband. The girls now spend a proportion of their time with their dad.

She also stated that she would encourage other mums to do it just like she did to her daughters as long as they feel right for them and their child.

Below are the beautiful photos of Sophie Mei Lan and her daughters;

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