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Can You Switch Gender For One Week? See Men's Reactions

A post was made by a popular page on Facebook, asking men what they will do if they have the opportunity to become a woman for a week. See screenshot of the question below.

This post got lots of funny comments and reactions from both men and women which you will see below.

When I saw this I had to ask myself, "what if you are given this opportunity?" Come to think of it, why will I want to switch gender for even a day? I'm not saying being a woman is not beautiful but I can't imagine myself as a lady for even a minute.

Read some reactions of men below concerning the question.

If men are this afraid of being a woman, in my opinion; women deserve more respect than they are getting. Playing the role of a woman isn't easy. Women are trying, kudos to all responsible women out there. But wait! Are women not afraid of being men too? ...I think they should because being a man comes with so many responsibilities as well.

However, Nigerian famous cross-dresser Bobrisky (who MIGHT be a transgender now) that could go everyday of his life dressing and acting like a female, the stated above question for today's article to him could just be another piece of cake question to answer since his daily life outwardly has already given the answer. But I have some thoughts though, If our creator knew we could handle the responsibility of the particular gender he assigned to us why do many of us feel so comfortable living the opposite gender?

Most of them that do so even go to the extent of changing their sexual identity medically. Well, those are just my pretty thoughts, no hard feelings attached. This article isn't to judge any transgender or cross dresser around the world but just to know your opinions on this and also with our opinions we could also broaden each other's knowledge about our sexual identity and gender responsibilities too.

See some other comments below:

So let me know your take on this question readers; If you're given the opportunity to switch genders as a man or woman for a period of time, what will you do within that period?

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