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A Generation Of Artistes Who Make Brief Albums And Countless Singles

The majority of today's artistes are about the money instead of creativity. 

They don't have the creative stamina that artistes of the past generation put into their records.

If not, why should an album have only 6, 7, 8 songs? 

For me it's barely enough for a full experience. 

After listening to any lightweight album by an artiste that I love, I get the feeling of, is that all?

To worsen matters, what most of these lazy artistes do these days is to release virtually all the tracks in a planned album as singles to make money. 

So when the final compilation comes out as an album, you've heard it all.

For example, Wizkid's last album (Wizkid Vol,2) had just 10 songs. 

Of the 10 songs, only a few of them were fresh materials, that's if any at all.

The rest songs like 'Daddy Yo' were already popular pre-released singles included in that album.

As a fan I felt a little disappointed. I wanted a fresh package.

Now he said he's releasing his next album today July 16th, let's see if he's bringing an album with the same rehashed materials heard last year. Hopefully, he doesn't. 

This generation of artistes have no creative stamina for fully-loaded albums packed with a variety of fresh songs to choose from.

It's very different from how albums were made back in the cassette days. 

Those times, you would play the 10 songs on Side A and the other 10 on Side B. And after being taken on a 50-minute journey of songs, you feel the weight of a full-length album and appreciate the artistic range of an artiste.

Only gospel singers still make such extensive albums. 

But because there's no creative stamina in today's artistes, that's why they all some of them do is EPs with a paucity of songs.

20 songs on an album is not that many if you truly enjoy an artiste.

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