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See These Epic Throwback Photos That Show What Nengi Looks Like Before She Became Famous

There are some moments that we never want to forget in our lives. Many people keep their childhood photos to keep those memories alive. These kinds of memories range from birthday, matriculation day, graduation day, wedding day and lots more. These are the kind of memories that people always want to hold in their heart forever. Just like everybody else, Nengi also has some moments in her life that she wants to hold in her heart for ever. When she was a child, she was very close with her cousin and they spent quality time together. She captured one of their moments together as a child and she holds onto that memory up till date.

Nengi was only 12 years old in this picture with her cousin.

See how beautiful she looks when she was just 12

After Nengi posted this epic throwback picture on social media, many people could not help but notice the fact that Nengi has always been a beautiful woman right from her childhood. Some people who are fond of tarnishing people’s image have accused her that she is not original. They said that almost everything about her is artificial. But the question is, ‘is it possible for someone who is not original to look as beautiful as this in a throwback picture of almost 11 years ago?’. Trust me, if Nengi is fake/artificial or whatever people claim she is, she would not look this beautiful 10 years ago.


There are so many throwback pictures of Nengi that can serve as prove that she has always been a beautiful queen right from her childhood. Many people find it hard to accept the fact that her beauty is natural but I hope these throwback pictures convince people that Nengi has always been pretty since she was a child. She did not suddenly become pretty because of the fame or Big Brother Naija show. It is a fact that should never even be up for debate. With or without any body-enhancement procedure, Nengi is a beauty to behold since she was a child.


After many years that Nengi has taken those pictures, she still looks so beautiful that many people cannot stop glancing at her pictures. Her current pictures are also very beautiful. After many years that she took those pictures, see how she looks now in recent pictures above.

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