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Remember Basori, The 50-year Old Man Who Stopped Growing At The Age Of 5? See His Photos (Pictures)

Basori is a 50 year old man with a growth hormone defect. This man is a popular man in his village located in Madhya Pradesh province, India. Basori can be easily mistaken for a child due to his small stature and his height.

Basori lives in central india where he started his life with his brother Gopi Lal and Gopi's wife satia Bal.

He revealed that people usually mock him and also body shame him because of his small stature, as he also had to endure bullying in his tender years but has now been dubbed a hero by his proud family.

Basori said he was molested as a younger child after being called Alien by others but now says is stature is a source of pride.

See more of his photos below;

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