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How White Money's Brother Influenced His Sitting Position

If you have been following the bbnaija reality tv show, you would notice that White Money sits in a particular style whenever he wants to make his hair or is tired from working out in the gym.

This favorite sitting position of White Money is called the W-sitting. It is a sitting position where the thighs are rotated inwards and the feet are left outwards on both sides of the body making it a W shape.

Credit: Shutter StockHow White Money's Brother Influenced His Sitting Position

Lilian Glass, Ph.D., a body language expert said a person's sitting style can be influenced by their surroundings and mood. For White Money, his late brother who was a cripple was the influence and the reason why he sits this way most times.

On one of the days, Saskay was making his hair, she became curious and inquired why White Money sits the way he does. He told her that he learned the W-sitting position from his late brother that was crippled. He said he had to start sitting that way so that his crippled brother would not feel lonely and sad due to his disability. But it was unfortunate that he passed away and that sitting position became a part of him.

Credit: Instagram/White Money

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