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See 5 popular Celebrities Who almost Died Of Cancer

A Nigerian celebrity who almost died of cancer but won the final illness.

There is something that we just cannot stop, the things that need to happen are normal to face many challenges in a person's life, in this life there is no one who has not gone through a difficult stage in life. Nigerians are just one of the strongest people in the world trying to overcome many challenges .

While many Nigerians have lost the battle in the fight against cancer like Aisha Abimbola, Sunny Okosun, Olayinka Babasanya Craig , Taiwo Bello and Remi Osholake. and many other Nigerians, their beautiful souls rest in peace .

We also have Nigerians who have gained cancer which did not allow them to be destroyed. Fight terminal illness and you have won it. Several Nigerian celebrities include:

1. Banky W

Popular artist Bank W actually suffer from skin cancer in 2017. He went with a knife three times to make sure he won the war against so called cancer disease .

2. Karen Igho

Karen Igho is a busty PAO and former Big Brother Africa winner. Beautiful Karen Igho went for a breast implant after finding a lump in her breast, she was teased for doing the implants, but explained it to her lump. Then, in 2013, she took her Twitter page to find out she had cancer and had surgery. She returned in 2014 and said she did not have cancer. She took the silicone out of her chest

3. Carl Ikeme

A former Nigerian goalkeeper was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. The former dragon breeder, who was in good shape for the Nigerian and Wolverhampton teams, has seen his progress stagnate due to Cancer disease He went on to win the battle fight against the disease "acute leukemia" and now has a terminal illness .

4. Professor Wole Soyinka

Professor Wole Soyinka, the first Nobel Prize winner in prostate cancer in Africa to be treated silently, announced at a conference in Ogun State. He is now disease free .

5. Vast

Yori Yori crown has been diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer of the blood), after treatment in London hospital he managed to overcome the disease .

We truly thank God for their life and we pray for those who lost their lives due to this horrible cancer, for the peace of their beautiful soul, Ameen.

Say a wonderful prayer to those who have lost their lives fighting cancer. I also pray for illnesses like cancer and other terminal illnesses that will never affect you or your family. Ameen.

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