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Can You Spend N1 Million in One Week ? I Don't Think Anyone Can (Opinion)

I know most of you are just filled with ideas on how you will start spending this money even though you don't have it yet. So Before you rush off to answer this question, take your time to think about how much a million Naira actually worth. 

I was talking to a friend this morning, and he told me a story of two boys who broke into a shop and absconded with N1.3 million. After a week search for the boys, the Police finally caught them just yesterday in a bar hanging out with girls and just enjoying life. 

When interrogated, the two boys said they had spent N1000,000.00 out of the money they stole and what's left with them is just the remaining N300,000. 

Long story short, I was so amazed that I asked my friend how can someone spent a million Naira in just a week ? He laughed and said it's an easy thing, that even himself can spend more than N1 million in a week. 

Well we've been arguing about that for long now and I honestly don't think anyone can spend a whole N1 million in just a week.  

For the sake of this article, let's assume you are given a Million Naira with the instructions that you must spent all of it in just a Week. Can you do it ? 

Can you spend one million Naira in just a week ?

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