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Cuppy Reveals What She Will Do If Man Splits The Bill On A First Date

Hello guys, welcome to my channel. The billionaire's daughter, DJ Cuppy has exposes the way she will reacts if any man takes her out on a first date and splits the bill at the end of the lunch. An initial date is a type of engagement between two people who had met themselves in the past inorder to know each other better.

As a young man, before taking any young lady out on a first, second or third date, you have to weigh your financial status so that you don't disgrace your self and your new girlfriend or lover. About an hour ago, the bilionaire's daughter took to her verified Instagram account and posted a brief video clip of herself. In the clip, the gelato crooner and song writer demonstrated how she would respond if a man who took her out on a first date, decides to shared the bill between her and himself at the end. She revealed that on her first date, she will respond well to the conversation and make sure she has a perfect date.

Subsequently, after the food, when it's time to pay for the food, if the person tries to splits the bill, and at the same time asked her for a second date, she exposed that she would quietly pick up her handbag and walk away.

To be honest, it will be so disgraceful if someone takes a lady out on a first date and then splits the payment at the end of the meal. It exposes that the person is so selfish. What the bilionaire's daughter demonstrated is a scenario that has occurred before. When some men have a chance of seeing rich and wealthy ladies, they chose to keep their money and become stingy.Meawhile, it not all men that are selfish. It is not all men that are the same. The manner in which the bilionaire's daughter said she will react to such event has really earned my respect her. She said she will leave without making a noise or argues with him. Dear ladies and gentlemen, please what are your perceptions on this?

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