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Films that teach valuable life lessons.

Most times people just watch movies for entertainment purpose, and films are mostly produced for this main purpose, however apart from the entertainment side or aspect to films, films do usually sometimes appeals or address other issues pertaining to life.

Some films talks about life issues that are very important and important lessons are learnt in such movies. Here is a list of some movies that are not only interesting but they also teach valuable life lessons.

1.Ultimate Gifts : This film talks about a young spoilt child that was left with an inheritance to be claimed. In this film diffrent gifts which life gives us but most people tend to ignore or take for granted was explained. This gifts includes: Gift of the Day, Gift of Laughter, Gift of Gratitude , Gift of Giving, Gift of Friend, to mention but are few. After viewing this film you will get to see life in another perspective or view.

2.Apocalypto: This film is a very popular one produced by Mel Gibson, it deals with human instinct to survive, apart from the entertainment aspect it teaches valuable lessons such as the need to be courageous and never be afraid no matter what happens, the need to keep going and moving on in life no matter how difficult it may be, the importance of understanding ones environment, survival instincts, the importance of not relying on outside strength such as weapon, but the need to rely on inner strength.

3.3 idiots: This is one of the most populous India film, in this film serious life issues were discussed and addressed in a comic setting. It helps one to discover ones true identity. It teaches on the importance of creativity in whatever one does, risk taking is important to success, learning is everywhere and everyday. Fear only robs us of good things. Follow your passion.

4. The pursuit of Happiness : The protagonist of this film was will Smith. It talks about a man struggles through life problems and his eventual success. In this film one learns not to get discouraged, set backs are a way of life nobody is immune to that, never leave your life responsibilities, believe in yourself no matter what.

5. The Founder: This is the story of the famous mc Donald's, this film is for the business minded people, it talks about a sales man move from bottom to top, ambition, dreams, goals, etc. It teaches that do not limit yourself to your present condition, think big, believe in your vision, don't sell your vision, select right partners that has the same mindset as you. Solve customers problems.

If one can apply the lessons in these films to ones personal life, life will be bearable and success will be assured. Thanks for reading.

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Gift Gift of Giving Gift of Gratitude Gift of Laughter Gift of the Day


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