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Funny: Why "Sharon" is Trending on Twitter.

Twitter turns out to be an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages we all call tweets . A registered user can post, like , comment , tweet, retweet while an unregistered user can only read these tweets.

Twitter is really a social media platform to err ones view and a place of humour(extremely funny place).

Lately, a Twitter user Lolade Blaq threw a question at fans where he tweeted "Sharon Cooked chicken without oil " and he demands that the above assertion should be re-written starting with oil.

This question seems very easy but it turns out to be very difficult task as no one on twitter has been able to rewrite the sentence.

Some people had given a try to this question . Here are what some gave 👇that seems very funny .

"Oil wasn't in the chicken sharon cooked "

"Oil wasn't used when Sharon cooked the chicken."

"Oil wasn't used in the chicken prepared by sharon ."

"Oil was omitted in the chicken prepared by Sharon "

"Oil cooked Sharon without oil."

There are lots of tweets on this but none seems to be correct as Lolade Blaq demanded a 'rewrite' of the sentence not a "change ".

These tweet gave rise to twitter users questioning Sharon for not using oil to cook the chicken and there has been over 2million retweets using "Sharon" .

What do you have to say about this ? Do you also have an answer to the question? Let me hear from you in the comment box.

Content created and supplied by: Feyi-fhayy (via Opera News )

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