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All These Scenes Look So Innocent Until You Realize SpongeBob Is Gay

Who would ever think our beloved SpongeBob is gay??

SpongeBob has been the award winning cartoon for the past 10 years at the kid's Choice awards.

Spongbob, undoubtedly is everyone's favorite,all the kids loves him.

I personally like him.

But him being gay changes everything.

Although the producers of SpongeBob were careful enough not to show any detailed scene of him displaying his gay character, probably because of the young viewers.

It is also believed that his best friend Patrick is gay too. As the saying goes 'birds of a feather flock together'.

He literally had a baby with Patrick.

Nickleodeon took to their page uploading Spongbob's photo along side Korra from the ledgen of Korra and schawrtz from Henry danger last month as representatives of pride Month .

Your opinions please,as Spongbob is supposed to be a cartoon for children.

Kids these days copy almost anything they see on the television.

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