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"I am not a killer, Kachi hit my hand 3 times on the table"- Rosie speaks on abortion allegations

The Ultimate Love Show was organized just like the Big Brother Naija show, the only difference was that in the Ultimate love show, house mates were paired up as couples and the aim was for them to get married.

Rosie and Kachi emerged as winners and they were already planning a wedding but everything fell apart.

Weeks ago, a video surfaced online of an interview Kachi had with Chude where he talked about his relationship with Rosie. In the course of the interview Kachi revealed that Rosie aborted their baby and that was how their problems started. Everyone expected Rosie to speak up but she didn't until recently.

Rosie posted a video on YouTube, Rosie began by talking about the auditions and how she felt lucky that she was selected.

Rosie stated the first week in the house was rough for her because she was real and blunt but most people felt that she was proud and obnoxious, she apologized for giving them that impression.

As regards to the issue of Kachi accusing her of aborting their child Rosie stated this" I am not a killer and I will never be one". 

She admitted that they were actually looking for a drug because her period was delayed but her period came later, she said that was even when they were looking for the drug. She also contradicted Kachi by saying that it was a doctor and not a pharmacist that attended to her.

Rosie revealed that she was pressured to get pregnant for Kachi to show she was committed but she didn't want to do that.

Kachi was close to Rosie's family, he even met her dad but he didn't disclose any marriage intentions to her dad, Rosie also revealed that one of her son's was getting close to Kachi as he was already calling Kachi daddy.

Rosie broke down in tears while she was talking, she revealed that she is a mother of two lovely boys and it breaks her heart that people are calling her a murderer.

Rosie also said that she had food poisoning and she admitted that Kachi took her to the hospital and the case wasn't abortion.

Rosie revealed that in September, she discovered she was pregnant but she didn't tell Kachi because she wanted to surprise him for his birthday and when she told him he didn't seem happy about it. Rosie revealed that everything began to go bad when she asked Kachi to help her dad in the kitchen when he was busy but Kachi got angry with her, the next day he tried to leave but she locked the door so that they could talk but they began to struggle, Rosie stated that Kachi took her hand and hit it 3 times on the dressing table , she then screamed. Help came later but she was shocked and in pain, her father who wasn't home called and Kachi told him everything was fine.

After that incident had passed, Rosie revealed that their manager called her attention to a video Kachi posted online, she called Kachi severally but his phone was off. Moments later she reveald that she was bleeding, the bleeding lasted to the next day and that was how she had a miscarriage.

Rosie ended by saying she was really pained that her children will grow up to see the video where Kachi called her a murderer and she insisted that she never aborted the baby.

sources: Instagram, YouTube

watch the full video below

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