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We Can't Cover Things Up By Saying She Is Davido's Sister: This Is Who Adenike Adeleke Really Is

You've probably probably seen online sources naming Adenike Adeleke as Davido's sister or one of Davido's sisters. Yes, I have seen this too and this is not absolutely right. Adenike Adeleke is really not Davido's sister going by normal family relationship.

In a family we address our fellow nuclear family members as father, mother, brothers and sisters, isn't that right? There's really no use calling those who are not part of the family brother or sister, it might fit a little but it is also inappropriate.

Davido's Family.

Davido is the son of Deji Adeleke and his mother is now late, she died years ago and Davido's father was left to carry the burden of both parents. Davido is the third child of the family and he has an elder brother, Adewale Adeleke and two sisters, Sharon Ademefun and Ashley Adaji both of whom are happily married.

As you can see there's really no mention of Adenike Adeleke which begs the questions "Who is she and why do some people refer to her as Davido's sister?"

Adenike Adeleke.

She is a young entrepreneur, owner of BN clothing which is located in the U.S and the owner of a hairline store called Nikswigz.

Adenike Adeleke is just 25 years and she was born on the 17th of March 1995, she is also bit popular on social media, probably because of her business or because she is related to Davido, I really don't know.

Adenike Adeleke is related to Davido but it will not be just right to call her his sister, this being the case the question of who Adenike Adeleke is pops up. Who is she to Davido?

Who Is Adenike Adeleke to Davido?

The 25 year old entrepreneur is Davido's cousin, she is the daughter of Davido's father, Deji Adeleke's brother, Ademola Adeleke, if you know much about Ademola Adeleke then you should know that he is a Senator.

Being Davido's cousin they share the same surname because they related through their fathers who are brothers, this is just to clear the air that Adenike is Davido's cousin, not his sister.

On Instagram she is the user by the name nikos_babii and she has over 100k followers there, she even posted the picture of the Mercedes Benz that her father, Ademola Adeleke got her as she graduated from Oakland University, Alabama, U.S. The caption was "Graduation gift. THANK YOU DADDY!!! @ademolaadelek_01 love you".

Her father is also rich and she is no doubt a part of the Adeleke family, the only thing there is that she is Davido's cousin and not his sister, so she should be given her due and addressed as such.

I hope you learnt something meaningful from this write up.

From the Pictures of Adenike Adeleke you've seen above rate her Beauty on a scale of 1-10, what did you get?

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