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See photos of the Lady that gave birth after 3years Pregnancy

God report is the final Judgement as Lady gives birth after 3 years of pregnancy.

she wrote with the caption: No matter what the doctor or anybody says, God’s report will be my final Judgement” 

Read the miraculous story:

On the 20th December 2017, I took in went for urine and blood PT and the result came out positive.. I was so happy because I had waited for this to happen for more than 5years after my first child.

Three month into my first trimester I suddenly started bleeding, I was so scared the doctor tried to stop the bleeding but it persisted and came out in big clots. I went for scan and they said the baby was gone, I broke down in tears, I was down that the only place I thought of going at the Moment was the church. I got to church and went straight to the alter and cited bitterly.

In my sad mood I went to my Pastors office and he said to me wipe your tears, celebrate because your baby is doing just fine. He asked me to have faith in God and said something that struck me. He said that Babies are not created by BLOOD BUT BY GOD. Immediately I jump up wipe my tears and went home rejoicing.

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