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Check Out Casts Of Danger Force Sitcom

Have you been watching the new nickelodeon sitcom Danger Force lately? It is the succession of the Henry Danger sitcom which recently ended. It's time to keep up with the Casts of our new favorite Nickelodeon sitcom Danger Force. Jace Norman aka as the Henry Hart of Henry Danger is among the team of producers of the show. 

First of all let's begin with the second smartest of the cast after Schowz. And I forgot to mention she is one of the cutest of them all. 

1. Mika

Current age: 14 years old. 

Real name: Dana Heath 

Next is their Captain Ray Manchester also known as 

2. Captain Man

Current age: 41 years old 

Real name: Cooper Barnes 

3. Miles 

Current age: 13 years old 

Real name: Terrence Little Gardenhigh 

And now to the smartest of them all 

4. Schwoz 

Current age: 45 years old, making him the oldest of all the cast. 

Real name: Michael D Cohen

And the most stubborn of them all 


Current age: 14 years old, same as Mika

Real name: Luca Luhan

Now to the free spirited and most action one among the cast.

6. Chapa

Current age: 13 years old, same as Miles

Real name: Havan Flores 

That's all for today guys, which of the Cast do you like most?

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