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My Over Zealous Wife Made Me Lose N10 Million (Fiction).

I have worked with this firm for years until there was a shake off and I was retrenched.

I stay two years with getting another job so i decided to start doing menial jobs to cater for my family and luckily I was getting little money from it.

A friend introduced me to bet9ja and coached me on how to play it.

I started playing hoping that God will answer my prayer through it but it didn't go down well with my wife.

She wasn't happy about it and was always nagging and complaining that I fill up the house with papers(tickets ) and also use the little I make for gambling.

She keeps trashing papers that I keep at home till one faithful day.

That faithful day I came home and kept the tickets as usually not knowing that my village people is monitoring me.

I didn't remember the ticket again or even to check if it is still intact till 3days later when it dawned on me that my ticket with winning of #10million has entered.

I was so happy and out of happiness, I spend #13k buying drinks for my guys.

After buying the drink, I rushed home and started looking for my ticket. I couldn't find it so I asked my wife and she affirmed that she saw it but has trashed it.

I rushed outside like a madman only to see my ticket in the trash bin torn beyond recognition.

I was so mad and at the same time confused and crying.

I have tried claiming the money but they manager of the bet9ja branch claims I can't till I present the evident(ticket).

I sent my wife to go stay with her parents for now before I kill her with my bare hands out of anger.

What should I do to her?.


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