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See 55 Photos of real life coincidences that will make you laugh out loud if you understand them.

They say in life strange coincidence happens, people meet their role models after just posting about them, reincarnations too and so on. Sometimes these coincidences can't help but be extra funny. Imagine for a second you putting on a shirt that says you wish this person was a popular celebrity and you walk into the street and meet that celebrity, how crazy can that be?

Below are some very funny coincidence that would surely make you laugh out loud, I'd only you understand them.

Imagine putting on a superman vest as an inner wear and then seeing the man who actually acted as super man in real life? How crazy can that be? Imagine the shock on his face when you unveil your superman shirt.

Now imagine for a second that you wearing a shirt that resonates with the walls, how funny is that right?

Below are more funny coincidence pictures. Kindly follow this page for more juicy news and fan friendly contents.

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