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Opinion: Why Burna Boy Is At Fault For The Fight With Davido

This fight between Burnaboy and Davido has to stop but before that we have to critically look at who is at fault in this situation.

Davido is a very humble artist as we know, even though he is rich and all, he's still humble and cares a lot for his fans and friends. To my knowledge, this fight started when Davido posted on Instagram calling he and wizkid the greatest leaving Burnaboy. We all thought the whole episode was over until the recent fight in Ghana which we don't really know the whole story yet as no one has explained.

The music industry works in very odd way across the world. No matter how good you think you are, you have to give reps to the O.G's before you. The main issue I think is that Burnaboy went viral and all of sudden thinks he's the greatest African artist ever... That's not how it works. Look at Eminem, we all know that Eminem is a greater rapper than 2pac both in lyrics and numbers but he still respects 2pac as the boss before him.... Which is Burnaboy is not doing.

I know you would want to tell me that Burnaboy started music before Davido but it's not about how long you've been making records, it's about how long you've been making relevant records. He only recently made a name in the industry and is feeling like he's some boss or something.

Wizkid and Davido have not been friends for a long time now but we've never seen them exchange words or get into a fist fight. So for Davido to get into a fight with Burnaboy, he definitely did something to provoke David. I mean, he's not the first to talk bad about Davido so why will they get into a fist fight just like that??

I think Burnaboy needs to realize that wizkid are Davido need to be respected in the industry for how long they've been relevant. Not because he was nominated for a Grammy makes him bigger that either of these artist.

Nobody is saying he should lie down for them, but accord respect to whom it is due. As one Facebook user said... Davido is hot tempered while Burnaboy is proud... Why wouldn't they be a fight?? 

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