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60k food date: One message comedian Caramel passes across to ladies

A lot of people have dragged comedian Caramel especially the guys and also the ladies too after she advised that a guy ought to have like 60,000 naira while going on a date with her because she would eat almost everything.

However, little attention is paid to her second quote where she asked why a lady would even go on a date, without money in her own pockets but here's the message.

Having your own money as a lady, during a date gives you confidence:

A lot of ladies have been skeptical about what they want to eat while on a date with a man, especially someone they may be meeting for the first time, because they may not know their budget for the date. But having your own money gives you great confidence, helps you avert any form of embarrassment and also makes you feel free while not just making your orders but also during discussion as the date progresses.

If women can learn from this and always get themselves ready financially during date, it can help salvage most of the wailing that comes after a date, simply because the lady may have ordered above the guy's pockets or vice versa.

What do you think?

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